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Get the Robot is a free to play platform game for Android. Dangerous robots were accidentally activated and escaped from a military base. To save the world from destruction, you have to eliminate them all. You will be chasing the robots through different locations. Action becomes faster minute by minute, and every robot you meet will be a more challenging rival.

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Who we are?

Hello there! We are the RT Studio Games, brand new game geeks on the GameDev market. Our game Get the Robot is already available on Google Play and if you haven't played it yet, you have to! Tap the Google Play icon below and start the amazing pursuit. Run through fascinating locations and catch all the robots. Avoid obstacles, collect points and use boosters to achieve your goal.

Maybe you’ve already played Get the Robot! That's great! Now, share your experience with us. What do you like the most about the game and what do you think is rather weak? We are continuously improving our game to make it even better, so your opinion is invaluable!

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